There is Always a Price to Pay

There is Always a Price to Pay

You know to get the desired results, there are things to forgo, and just turn blind eyes to. Yeah? There will be some things you love to do but you just have to do away with them at that point in time. Some of us tend to forget that because we love good things but we don't want to pay the price. πŸ˜‚

However, the sooner we realize that the better for us. Wouldn't it be safe to have the knowledge that things wouldn't be all Roxy in the process of learning because like I said in one of my previous articles Be your Own Cheerleader , there will always be that time when you just wanna give up. The whole thing will just become so hard.

There is a price to pay to make the changes you want in life. There is also a price you're already paying for staying the way you are. You have to weigh these two prices and decide what to do based on that comparison and no one can do that for you. - Bill Harris

Now let me tell you some difficult things you will be sacrificing You will have to sacrifice your time, energy, and money. These three things are the way.

Some of us love to sleep, seriously I'm on this table. I just love to sleep but I realized to get to where I'm going I have to sleep less.


For some, it's movies, some of us are movie freak and always keep up with all recent series.


For others, it just hangs out and parties.


Don't get me wrong I'm not saying you shouldn't have a life or you shouldn't enjoy life because you are learning, I'm just saying don't let it take a larger percentage that will affect your learning progress. There will always be plenty of time to enjoy and flex and see all the movies you wanna see but at this period you just wanna put all your time to learning.

Another thing you'll sacrifice is your money

You might be feeling like nothing is coming out of these things and I mean for a while all that you can do is to just learn and learn. It's always frustrating burning data, especially in Nigeria, where your data can just disappear, paying for several online courses, registering for workshops, seminars, and conferences, and there seems not to be any visible result. People around will start asking questions, your family will be expectant.

There appear not to be any result yet, note: I said 'yet' because the results you'll be seeing if you have a little more patience will be mind-blowing results. If all these can be done and you can discipline yourself, you will definitely get there. Just remember consistency goes a long way.


So yes, these are part of the price to pay. I will leave you with this: Set your own goals and do yourself the favor to run by them. Remember Rome is not built in a day and it's a little drop of water that makes an ocean. Keep that in mind always and continue to push forward.

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There is always a price to pay no matter how small it is. Mine is movies, sleep, and of course numerous purchase of data. You can drop yours too in the comment box. I need conviction I'm not the only that love to sleep πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ