Hey Sis

Hey Sis

A Love Letter to My Women

Hey sis, I see you...

I see how you are trying so hard to make yourself seen.

I see how you are trying to make an impact.

I see you trying to learn and hone your skills.

I see how you are trying to juggle being a mother and an Executive Director.

How you juggle being a wife and a Businesswoman.

I see how you are a Personal Assistant and you are still a faithful wife, even with all your boss's advances.

I see how you are still working with that heavy menstrual cramps.

I see you taking the frontline position in top companies.

I see you giving love and warmth to your family even after a stressful day.

You are nothing short of a champion. You are intelligent, smart, courageous, bold, and creative.

You are a queen, a mother, a wife, a helper, a joy-giver, a companion, an associate, and above all, you are a woman and deserve everything in the world.

International women’s day shouldn’t end on the 8th of March, It’s something we should keep talking about. Bridge the gap and break the bias women struggle with every day. Enjoy your day and the whole month. 🥂

Don’t stop building!
Don’t stop creating magic!!
The world needs you!!! Cheers Queens 👸

Yours Truly,