My HNG Internship: Goals and How I want to achieve them by the end of eight (8) weeks

After a long break in my coding journey, I decided to bounce back again, hence this internship. I started my tech journey last year in May with Shecodeafrica and for some reason, I backed out in November last year. I joined again in June this year starting with frontend development.

The long break caused a lot of bridges bringing me back to the beginner's stage. Applying to the HNG internship is to put my feet back on track.

You might be wondering what HNG internship is or what they do? Don't sweat in this article, I will be sharing what HNG internship is and what they do, my goals for this internship and how I intend to achieve them by the end of eight (8) weeks.

The HNG internship: what do they do?

The HNG internship is the biggest remote internship in Nigeria and one of the fastest-growing remote internships across Africa. It is tailored to change the way education is done in Africa.

It is a three months remote internship designed to fund and develop the most talented software developers, designers and digital marketers training them to become the best in their chosen fields. The HNG internship is allowing Nigeria/Africa youths to reach their spotlights.

What are my goals for this internship?

For me, the internship is not just about learning how to code but also the opportunity to meet diverse people in the program and the real-world experiences I will be gaining. Hence for my goals, I will be looking forward to achieving these:

  • Becoming better in my stack

  • Adding more experience

  • Building amazing network

  • Making some awesome real-life projects

  • Get a cool job (smile)

How do I intend to achieve these goals by the end of eight (8) weeks?

If not for anything I am determined to give this my best shot. Motivation might not be enough so I have decided to add discipline. I have decided I will be intentional about this internship and I will also be accountable to my mentors. One important thing is my availability and readiness to learn and carry out all given tasks. I am going to invest my time in extra learning and never back out again. Learn, relearn and unlearn. Hand in tasks in due time.

These goals are my to-do list and at the end of the internship, I want to return to these lists and tick all my listed goals. Don't stop rooting for me, please. I can't wait to start working with the entire HNG team

I will be working with the following languages;



A version control system: